In this report I am going to be explaining what I have learnt within my chosen discipline which is 3D while looking at the contextual perspectives of my discipline. I will then move onto critically analysing the contextual perspectives of my own practice. I will also create experimentations in order to give me a more better insight within the contextual perspectives of my own discipline.  After I will then consider the majority of my research tasks I have completed and discuss about how they can be used in order to inform my own practice. I will then finish with a conclusion of what I have learnt from conducting my own research and I will clearly and precisely implement how I have understood the tasks. (130 words)


When starting of researching about my chosen discipline I wanted to start of on how to research using different methodologies.

Mind maps

My first method I looked into was mind mapping, I started out by doing basic research on myself and placing down information that I  would personally know, this was to see how much information I could gather and place onto a page.

Using this form of primary research has helped me to get more of a hands on grip but I found out that this hands on approach is hard to use if you was to just use the information only you know, but this could be expanded if you was to conduct the research with other sources. If you was considering researching something you don’t know much about. This method was very approachable and easy to use.

I would use this within my own practice due to it being more easier and creative, it also would be good for not only primary but secondary sources of information. Which gives me more of a usage for the mind map method.

The interview

This was my most favourite methodology to use, this is because I found it very interesting how you could get specific questions out of people and also because I really liked how you could effect the whole interview and get lots of different answers. It was also a more reliable and precise source of information because you can gather it yourself instead of using secondary research.

I feel like this was a great research method and it would help me within my own practice when I am conducting research and looking for a more primary source of information, it will also help me gather more precise and trust-worthy load of information. The interview method is also has a very historical factor to it as you can record interviews and keep them overtime so you can get information from people that have been interviewed. This occurs a lot with famous people. This can also be said for the personality test too as it gives you a list of famous people who have the same type of personality.

Personality test

I would say that this method was my least favourite out of all of them, this is because of how unreliable the information could come out. When you conduct the personality test yourself it is reliable, but when somebody else does it for you it makes it a less reliable source of information.

I would most likely not use this when it would come to my own practice due to the fact that it is unreliable and also how it cannot really be directed towards any other topic research other than on myself or someone else.

Considering all of these research methodologies I have learnt which are more likely to help me to inform my own practice. This helps me because then I can use one or two of the methodologies to inform my practice giving me a source of primary and secondary information. I would use some of these research methodologies within my practice when trying to gather primary source information whether its from a industry professional or a friend.

Skateboard research

After I looked at methodologies I decided to use some of the methods for a research task on Skateboarding bringing it into practice. With my research I also looked into how to research on the internet more accurately and precise by using various different methods that are used daily by people who research on the internet. I also created two mind maps, one was in order to see what I knew about skateboarding in general before I started researching and the other mind map was to see how much I learnt after I done some precise and accurate research.

Researching is a skill that is highly sought within the industry of games, they can use it to search for a specific load of information, in 3D they use it to find reference images and also extra information about what their creating. This helps them to get a more clear image of what they are creating. They may also research certain ways of techniques within the sector of 3D design.

A lot of the research methods I used I found fairly helpful, I will use this within my own practice in the future when trying to locate more precise information.

From doing this research task you can know hardly nothing about the subject but when you research accurately and precisely you can learn a lot more. This can be used in my practice when I am looking at ways of how to create a certain object.

Case study

After researching about skateboards I then started to research something more relevant to my discipline so I done a case study on 3ds max, I used a lot of the internet research methods that I learnt on the skateboard task in the case study. This enabled me to find out more information for my case study of 3Ds max. I also used a interview video by one of the creators of 3ds max Gary Yost, this helped my research become more precise and accurate.

Within my case study I came across a lot of industrial and historical factors which enabled me to learn more accordingly towards my chosen discipline. Doing this research will also help me because I will have a basic knowledge and understanding of 3Ds max. This will enable me to work more and also realise how I am using the software and why, so I can critically discuss about how 3Ds max is just a tool for my creativity, but I can also talk about how the tool works.

Through conducting the case study I have learnt the history of 3Ds max and how it was created and who created it. This will help me as I will have a better understanding of the software for my discipline. also made sure to bring all of my previous research skills I have learnt into play.


Experimentation into horror

As I became more confident I then started to think about what experiments I could undertake for 3D. I started of by thinking about what makes a horror game stand out a lot more than other games, and a lot of the time it is blood and gore.

After I decided how I wanted experiment on blood textures I started of doing research to help guide me alongside my experiment. I looked at how blood is displayed within a game environment as well as a film environment to compare the two contrasting media’s.

As I went into more depth with my research I started to get a better understanding of how blood is used within an environment, I then planned out to create a simple basic object within 3ds max and texture it to make it fit within a gory-horror environment. I decided to use a basic teapot due to the fact of how most horror games are effective within a house environment like in the game Resident evil 7.

Creating the texture for the teapot was time consuming but I eventually finished with help from my research enabling me to learn new skills and techniques in the process.

This would research technique would assist me greatly within the games industry as it will enable me to get the best out of my 3d models and creative designs.

Research for western genre

After finishing my horror experiment I was really happy with how it turned out so I decided how I would do something similar but with  genre I would never really choose.

I decided choose a western genre because I have never really liked western films or games due to my own personal preferences. One aspect of researching about the western genre I really liked was that I could gather a great amount of research on the history of the western era.

After completely a lot of background research I then created a model revolver and textured it with environmental effects such as dust, dirt, sand etc. I added in the effects so that it would be more accurate to films and games when they used old western guns.

After I completed that I then moved onto a completely new and unexpected experiment of creating a real life model out of foam board and card board. When doing this experiment it helped me to visualize the layers of the gun. This made me think of how I could create the gun more efficiently within 3Ds max.

This is also a method used by designers when creating characters or assets through-out the games industry. They use it to help visualize how they are going to create it.

Overall I really enjoyed the experimentation task as it helped me to learn new skills and new techniques to creating things. I felt that my experiments were all fairly successful in that concept.

Practitioners report

The practitioners report was all about researching about contemporary and early people that highly influence me within my discipline. I initially went to research about John Carmack, the reason behind this is because he was the first ever person to create a successful 3D first person shooter game called Doom.

When researching I used all my skill I have learnt, this enabled me to gather more information about John Carmack. As Doom was a early pratctitioner I need to also look at a contemporary practitioner so I decided to choose Alien which helped to easily inspire the game Doom. having this enabled me to compare them easily and see how they are both are both practitioners of 3D.

Researching about practitioners will help me within my discipline because it will enable me to understand a little bit more of what is behind the making of games and how certain people have made them a world-wide game that everyone has either seen or played.


After completing my practitioners report on Doom I then set out to do another one on the film Alien. The reason I choose Alien as my contemporary practitioner is due to how it influenced heavily on the game Doom.It inspired the game Doom therefore it inspired me to research about it.

I used my acquired research knowledge to find more information about the film Alien and get more of an insight of how the film really influenced Doom in its early development. I gathered a lot of secondary research that helped em to expand my hypothesis about how clearly Alien has influenced Doom. (1,792).


Within my report I have seen how much information I have learned. One of the most vital things I have learned through-out this is how I can research more analytically and precisely, not only will this assist me in the future but it will also help me to structure and plan out my work more carefully. I also really enjoyed experimenting as it helped me to gather research as well as think of new ideas. I can see clearly how research is a great tool that can be used to help expanded and provide information and get you to learn more about your chosen subject. This will be very useful within the games industry either when you are looking to learn a new piece of information, or in order to expand on formation you already have.