In this blog I am going to be conducting primary research and gathering new ideas for my final major project, I will also record my response of what I found and how I thought I could incorporate them into my work.


I started of my observational task by firstly watching a video of a TED TALK discussing about how people have used their sense in observation to change ways in our everyday life. In the video, he talks about how he and his dad are product designers, and he described how they thought of their first ever design. He said that he had ‘seen how people use so many different screws on concrete, wood, metal etc.’  He then describes how him and his dad made a screw for all different surfaces and made money from it. This initially showed me how you can look at one idea and transform it into something that everyone will love due to how you experience everyday things. It also helped open my eyes more observationally.

He also talks about the three main properties of the habituation process of learning observationally, the first main property is all about ‘looking broader’, getting the bigger picture. Using this will give anyone a more in wider view of what they are looking at/for. Then you also must ‘look closer’ in order to get a more in-depth point of view where you gather observational information more precisely and accurate. Then he also talks about ‘thinking younger’, when he describes how thinking younger and help your observational skills I really understood his understatement. This helped me to visualize with a fresher minded point of view.

When I first started of taking observations I wasn’t exactly sure what I was looking for so I decided to gather textures from walls, floors etc. This then helped me gather more initial ideas. I then started to see objects and certain positioning of objects as part of environments that I could use or a medieval/western environment which is what I was considering.

Another Idea of mine was to look at the structure and architecture of some of the buildings within Canterbury. This was because I felt like the houses looked very medieval and it inspired me to research more.

The main reason I got more interested in doing a medieval theme was because I was surrounded by a place that was full of old medieval items, objects that I could easily transfer into a full medieval environment. When gaining primary research for Western and Medieval it helped me compare which one I preferred and it helped me to look at two contrasting genres.

critical observation

Taking in all of what I learnt from the video I used it to visualize observantly around my college. Thinking about techniques, processes as well as theme’s and motifs for my final major project. My first initial drawing was of a area of the college, this wasn’t to use it for any ideas but it was a warm up sketch in order to open my creative mind and visualize the college area in a new way. I visualized it in a more creepy and demonic way to see what effect I could get. (Insert image)

After doing that first initial drawing I then went to start experimenting with a Western genre so I looked at how chairs were placed within the college to get that sort of western tavern layout with the use of chairs. To get this effect I looked at tables and chairs around the college. For this part of my research I created sketches and turned them into more western style layout. (insert pictures). This was interesting to do because I was turning something as basic as a layout of chairs into a layout of chairs within a Western environment.

I sketched basic objects that I thought I could create another version of within the realm of the Western genre. This helped me to visualize what I was looking for within my environment. I would first of draw the object the object and then I would finish the sketch of by drawing it within a Western environment. This helped me visualize the process more critically.

When doing Medieval research, I took more photos than drawing. This was since Canterbury was filled with more Medieval stuff than Western, so I didn’t Have to visualize it because I had it in front of me. This helped me more because I could be more precise and correct with the way a Western environment should look.

(insert a few images and talk about them).

The material I used to record my observations with was a pen, pencil and a sketch pad. I also had a camera to take photos. I experimented with my sketch pad by sketching out and then using my own imagination to create a more vivid world. My camera helped me to capture my observations that I was making while looking around in Canterbury. I did however also experiment with the lighting of my camera to get different contrasts throughout the pictures that I took. This helped me get more ideas of how I could have my environment with different atmospheres and colour palettes. (Insert images)

I also used the Focus and zoom options on my camera to get specific details and close of objects. This helped me analyse textures for more improved environment. (insert images).


I have gone out to observe and analyse the surroundings within Canterbury town using cameras and a sketch book to help me. (INCLUDE A EXTRACT OF A PRESENTATION OF MY FINDINGS)


I wanted to observe my surroundings to gather ideas for my final major project. At first I wanted to continue with my Western style genre because I was comfortable with it. As I carried out my primary research I got inspired a lot by my surroundings, this got the idea of a Medieval style genre.

Some of the aspects I liked the most about my Medieval idea was the fact that I could get easy and precise observation that I could trust. I could also get textures and environmental lighting increasing my ideas for my final major project.

As you can see I have developed from a few ideas. First, I initially didn’t have an idea then I thought about just doing a Western environment, but I changed my idea because I wanted to do something completely new which is where the surroundings in Canterbury inspired me.

I found a lot of material that I can use for my final project. This includes, textures, lighting, objects, environmental atmospheres as well as a small bit of story that I could add into my environment.

I personally think that there is always more to be found and that you can never do enough primary research, but the more I find the better it will be when it comes to creating my final major project.

When looking at making a connection between my work and contextual sources. I have to take into consideration of all my primary research that I have undertaken and then describe how I will implement it into my work. As primary research is a main process in creating games it will help me to get a clearer vision of what I want to create.

Some more aspects that I would like to explore more is sound, texturing and some more modelling. I think Sound would be the most important for me to develop with, this is because I have undertaken much study of sound and it is something that I need to improve on heavily. I also think that I could do a better within the sector of story, because I feel like the story is important to any environment and it can also give some ideas of what to put in the environment.

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