Untitled-2.jpgI first of all started of the course by learning how to grey box, this was something that really grabbed my attention when I had my first encounter with 3Ds max. I found it really helped me gain interest onto the course which is where I have learnt knowledge surrounding games.

When first joining the course I wasn’t to sure which area of specialisation I most suited within the gaming industry. I initially stuck to concept art mostly because I felt like this was something I was comfortable with.

After getting to know my basics about the industry from joining the course I then created my first ever environment within 3Ds max. I really enjoyed the whole process that it took to create the environment. I also received good feedback from my environment which made me want to progress more. After learning how to create environments I also looked and researched how 3d can be used in many different forms. This helped me to realise the potential there is within 3d.

I did create some drawings and concept pieces using my time through-out the course. As I progressed more and more I was led into the creativity of 3D. This then led me to look at assets that are in every game and after I would then attempt to create them. An example of this is when I was learnt about foliage, which would then led me on to creating tree’s and grass.

After I then started to work on my interactive gallery, this is where I progressed to create more assets and other parts of media such as drawings, concept art and sound. On this task I got more of a hands on approach into creating games where I would use all of my basic knowledge to assist me.

I then continued in depth to learn more about the roles within the industry, at the time I was looking towards a concept artist, but as I moved on I became more keen for the role of a 3D artist within the games industry. This is what sparked my initial interest for the job role itself.

I then started learning more better and newer techniques to create more objects which helped me progress more with my knowledge of the practical work. I created objects such as my compass, detailed chair etc.

I then started the production of creating my bunker this was where I used everything I have learnt and put it into my environment. I had learnt a lot from doing the bunker project such as personal skills as well as 3d related skills that will help me progress to improve myself.

After my bunker project I then had to move onto my final major project and with this I started out not knowing or being completely sure what I wanted to create for my final major project. Which is why I looked into concept art because I wasn’t to sure.