Critical Analysis

When looking to get employed it is always best to show your understanding of your strengths and weakness. I would say one of my main strengths is creativity this is because I feel like I can create a lot of ideas by getting inspiration from things such a photographs etc. I also have a lot of strengths in 3D design and creation, this will need to be taking into consideration if I was to apply for a specific job role.

The reason looking into your strengths is so important is because it helps you to for one understand yourself better as a person and also limits you to a certain tasks, which is good in some ways because then you are not over loading yourself on different tasks and your focusing on what you are good at.

I am currently interested in becoming a 3D artist hopefully for games company. I want to be able to create models and assets for environments and even help create the environments. Ambition is a very important trait as it helps you to get more into the job that you are applying for.

I understand I am good at creating things and using my 3D design skills within the games development. A goal of mine would be to get into the games industry and work for a big games company. If I could I would like to be a senior 3D artist within a games company and climb up the ladder as much as possible.

I will need to work on my “soft” skills and working with others especially if I am going to work in a company.  I will also need to learn techniques, process and methods for the technology used in todays games, e.x. newly used softwares and new platforms such as VR.

My ideal job requires me to have a lot of knowledge on 3D software and different styles of design such as cartoonish or realistic. other skills can very depending on the company you work for or if you are a with a small indie company. It would be essential for skills such as working to deadlines, being able to work within a team, Being able to communicate efficiently etc.

As my goal is set to become a 3D artist I have updated my skills with more and more techniques and processes in order to make myself available for the position of the job. Without the skills I wouldn’t be able to be employed by a company looking for a 3D artist.

I believe my goal is realistic if I take everything into consideration and plan accordingly to what I want to become.

I believe I will have to be on the constant up bring of improving my skills and learning constantly. I will also have to look into new and up coming software’s or platforms that would require me to learn more in another software. I will need to set myself little projects and create a portfolio for potential employers.

In order to set myself on the path to becoming a 3D artist I have currently started applying for Universities for further education in order to gain more knowledge, contacts, experience and build up my cv for work placement. I have acquired the skills needed in order to start within the role of a 3D artist by using everyday


I took part in a career test to see which career would most likely suit my personality, this is similar to when I done the who am I task and it has helped me to see what job I will be more suited towards. I tend to like to keep myself to myself and I like to use my intuitive when it comes to certain scenarios and I like to let my creativity take over. I also take in consideration of someone’s feelings or putting my everything into something rather than just thinking about it. I also have a very perceiving nature and am very flexible and excepting.




For me these results were very accurate and it helped to show me what jobs I should go for.

sample Pictures.PNG

These were the jobs that are most likely to suit my character and traits with some of them I agree such as art teacher and such because I am a very creative person. which this test highlights accordingly and they also relate to my caring trait towards others becoming a service helping them to improve. The skills I have currently could lead towards a art career but other my time on the course have really been looking towards 3D artists and their work within the games industry.

My perfect Job would to be a lead 3D senior artist at a large games company where I can be in the position of giving help towards the junior members while also creating 3d assets and working on environments for new and up coming games. They look for ambitious people who can lead and look towards what clients what everything to look like. They put the clients interests first and work towards that with the junior artists while creating amazing environments.

I am going to do this by going into either a Apprenticeship or University to look for new experiences and knowledge that I can use for getting into the games industry.



Task 2 Progression routes and Applications

It is important to have an understanding of the progression route because it will allow us to plan ahead and create a plan for the future and what I want to do with it.

It is important to have a specific amount of knowledge because you want to know what you need to do or get in order to get the job that you want. It is also important because you don’t want to end up applying for the wrong sort of job that does not suit you so you need to have knowledge of that position.

I have submitted my Personal statement to the University of the creative arts in Farnham. The reason being is because I don’t have to travel far and also there are a lot of contacts especially because Farnham is only located half and hour away from London. Which is the Hotspot for games companies within the united Kingdom. Also the course teaches you a lot of the industry standard software’s and has industry professionals that teach you. As well as gaining vital contacts for within the games industry.

Traditional routes

Apprenticeships are one of the key ways to get into what you want while still studying and getting paid at the same time. All though this is a very good method it does not always lead to a hands on Job at the end of it and but it can provide you with some great work experience and contacts for you cv.

Internships are more for those who have recently got a degree in what the want to work in. It helps them to gain some more vital work experience within the games but you need to have a good understanding of where your applying for as some companies don’t pay you and such.

Another method is to apply directly to the company you are looking to get a job from even if its just to start on a small position you can still apply. Although this method isn’t always approachable without the right experience and contacts.

You can also work with an agency to help you with your search for your job while being paid and learning a few new soft skills, such as interview skills, and cv building skills.

Some of the non-traditional methods


These will enable and encourage you to improve you skills and compete against other people gaining new contacts and maybe even winning a cash prize or gaining some sort of experience from it that you can put within your cv.

Social media,

Social media is something that helps to connect people, and it can be accessed to this date and used for specific things. It can also be used for building up businesses and advertising. This is a great thing to do while you are searching for employment as you can increase your skills as well as provide you with more knowledge of how to get into the industry through the use of contacts and such.