When you first look into something that was created it will have some sort of inspiration surrounding it, I’m going to conduct secondary research upon my inspirations for my project

Cabin in the woods

One of the biggest inspirations for the film Cabin in the woods was just the overall genre of horror, they knew that they wanted to create something with horror involved.

Before the film Cabin in the woods was made the producer Goddard would work on a series called Angel with a future collaborator of The Cabin in the Woods. Joss Wheydon.

Joss came up with the initial idea of doing a film based in a Cabin as they both really liked the concept of Cabin movies. That was the core element of the film but it took both of them together to make the film come alive.

This is what inspired me to create my project because I was also very interested within the concept of Cabins and how they can be used in certain scenarios to make atmosphere in different ways. One film that portrays this very well is called the Device. They portray different atmospheres through the use of lighting and sound

Within the film they wanted to focus on story telling and make the whole film all about the story instead of just making it about the environment and the surroundings.

The development process was very different to other movies, they didn’t have any budget and had to come up with the whole initial idea between themselves before then sending it of to Hollywood for approval and then ended up getting MGM bidding to work with their film. This inspired me because they started from nothing and then with a little bit of hard work go recognized in Hollywood.’

The films wasn’t released for a few years after the production then Lionsgate ended up buying the film and producing it. Like The Hostel and Saw series.


Character insight

There are characters within the film that are linked to the game Left for Dead, the overall design and look of the Cabin was meant to be a released DLC for Left for Dead but unfortunately MGM became bankrupt so they idea was scrapped.

Also the two creatures Deadites and Angry molester tree were both references towards the Evil Dead. Another character/creature was Kevin who was a huge reference of Elijah woods character within Sin City.



Cabin in the woods article

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