Experimentation of texturing for Horror

For this unit I am going to be looking at experimenting with textures for the theme of fear. To start of I am going to look at and analyse a texture within a horror environment and then I will research how it has been created for that environment. I will then look at previous examples of media with the concept of fear in mind, like within a movie or a game. After that I will then use the research I have gathered to help me create a texture within 3Ds max in order to help my experimentation piece, I will then refine it more with the research gathered.

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Year 2-Unit 12 case study

For this unit I will be undertaken a case study about the software 3ds max, I decided to do a case study about 3ds max because I use it in order to create 3d models, environments and even animation. I will be starting at the basics of 3d is about and then I will move into more detail through-out. Learning more about the software I use will also help me to increase my knowledge and skills for my discipline (3d artist).

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Year 2 skatepark research unit


In this unit I will be looking at how to expand my research and then to critically analyse and talk about my research findings. I will be working in a group of 4 people and we will all research specific topics on skateboarding that we find interesting. I am going to be researching about how objects and environments are used within skateboarding and how they can effect it. I will be looking at gathering this research in many different ways, books, websites, online video’s, podcast etc.

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Year 2-unit 12-Interview and Personality

Who am I?

I will be conducting a mind map based on my self and the reason I am going to be looking into this is so that I can use it as a strong source of primary information, I will be researching what I love, why I love it and also what I know about some of my interest.

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Year 2 Unit 9 and Unit 10


  • Research and analyse a character
  • Lego Franchise report
  • Changing character
  • Pixel art 1- Ryu
  • Pixel art 1- Birdie
  • Compare Lego and Street Fighter
  • Audio task
  • Legal and ethical considerations
  • Street Fighter-Assassins Fist report
  • Character study 1- Ryu
  • Character study 2- Birdie
  • Prepare Pitch
  • Pitch results
  • Audience/character analysis homework
  • Speed drawing
  • Lego story board
  • Character design
  • Refine characters
  • Filming character animations
  • Taking Damage
  • Heavy attack
  • Critical attack
  • Texturing
  • Venn diagram
  • Scripting and audio for animation
  • Evaluation


Ezio Auditore da Firenze is the character that I am going to be writing about, in this post I will research and analysis this character and then I will deconstruct the key features that this character has. I will the talk about the main characteristics that he has. I will then look at the connection between my chosen characters. Then I will evaluate what I have learnt on this task.

Ezio was first born in 1459 and lived until 1524.He was the trainer and teacher of the Italian brotherhood of assassins. He started the brotherhood around 1503 and it lasted for 10 years. Ezio is an ancestor of Desmond miles; Desmond goes through a device that gets past experiences from Ezio’s life story through DNA. When Desmond goes into Ezio’s memories he starts out by avenging his family members who were his farther and two brother Federico and petruccio and to save the country and stop the Templars from taking over. After he finds out his heritage he sets starts to set out on the ways of training to become an assassin. Throughout the game Ezio saves Rome, Venice and Florence from the Templars while collecting pages for the Codex. Ezio also stopped Ercole Massimo’s cult of Hermes from gaining power; which also allowed the free will of the assassins and renaissance. Ezio died of a heart attack when he was at the age of 65 while visiting Florence with his family.



Appearance; Ezio starts of the game by wearing limited clothing, he such a white shirt, a green vest and brown trousers with boots which starts of the character as a sort of average looking male, he almost looks like the NPC’S that walk around in the game. He then becomes an assassin and his clothes almost completely change giving him a slight dark but vigilante presence. His facial features start to get hidden a lot; such as eyes, hair, ears, showing that he doesn’t want to be seen by someone almost like his hiding. Then as he progresses to his next outfit he tends to look more evil and more like a killer compared to when he wears white. His white clothes make him look pure like his saving the countries from the Templar but his darker costume makes him look more serious and angry. Then he goes back to the white almost like his achieved what he wanted (avenging his family and saving the countries). Then his last outfit makes him look much older as the colours are sort of dull and they don’t stand out meaning that Ezio is bored or tired of being an assassin.


Ezio seems a very vengeful character and he shows that a lot throughout the game but when he kills high up Templars it is almost like he is cleansed of his vengeful attitude, throughout the gameplay you start to see Ezio gain control of the anger and by the time he does control it he is a master assassin. Ezio liked to keep his vengeance for those who awaited it, sometime he would spare people that did not need to die like Micheletto Corella. Ezio was also a very loyal character towards his family and is always there if they need help, one thing ezio does that proves his loyalty was when he collected feathers for his mother to get over her depression. Ezio can be very protective of his family as well as there were some quests where he would go to fight for them and protect them from getting hurt. Ezio became very loving and caring close to the end of being an assassin especially towards his family. It is also clear that Ezio is the sort of person who takes a while to get to trust someone like Shao Jun and he is also quite paranoid with everyone and doesn’t like to put full trust into strangers in case it effects his family.


In this video you get a little bit of an insight in the way that Ezio moves, one part of his movement that stands out more than the rest is his parkour it shows speed, Agility, gymnastics and control which are all the qualities that you would need to run away from someone or to get to some place faster. Through the game when Ezio learns Parkour he becomes more confident like he can protect his loved ones from danger as he can get there faster and protect them from harm. When Ezio is being discreet he goes slow and is very cautious and that can also enable his ability to blend into a crowd which would enable him to get past Templars more easily. In a way his movement are almost like he is an eagle, always up high and when he kills he finds it easier from a height than head on.  Looking at how this represents an eagle it shows freedom, independence and sometimes anger or hungry for their next meal or in Ezio’s case his next vengeful kill.




When listening to Ezio’s voice you can straight away tell that he is an Italian character and it almost sounds like his voice if calm but you can also hear the angry and vengeful part of it. He also speaks like there is always something to prove or he has something to prove, like he needs to prove that life hasn’t just got to be the way people want it but life is how you make it. In some parts you can sense a small hint of sadness and almost lonely in a way.

Audience for character

I would say that the correct audience for this character would be teenagers to young adults as people around that age are the sort of people that would connect with Ezio as around that time a lot of people face a lot of difficult decisions in life, like what do I want to be or who am I wanting to be.  Also another reason why it would be around that age group is because that game is age rated for 18’s and over only which shows that it is a game for that age group.


Harley Quinn


Harley Quinn is the female sidekick for the Joker. She had her first appearance in an Animated series, her character is drawn to the Joker and she eventually falls in love with him as she spends more time with him. As she loves him so much she is totally oblivious to the fact that he has a very psychotic nature. She first met the Joker when she was a psychiatric intern at Arkham Asylum. She then became fascinated with one inmate (The Joker) and begged the doctors to let her treat him but through the three months of her treating him he seduced her and she fell madly in love with him. During an earthquake in Gotham city Harley escaped with the Joker.


They dress the Harley Quinn character up to make her look slightly like a doll which sometimes can be creepy in a way. The joker throughout the game ignores Harley or doesn’t really look at her unlike Harley would want. You can also see that that they made the character look slightly psychotic to almost match with the Jokers personality. When looking at the colours of her clothes you can also see that she is wearing red for lust, Love, Romance; but then she is also wearing black which represents evil, darkness, which also looks very effective with her pale white face almost looking like a doll. They have used almost like leather textures for her dress which shows that she isn’t a girl that I very, kind, generous but more of a character that is aggressive, and doesn’t care about much but what is important to her (the Joker). The scale of the character is almost like a young adult, one thing about Harley being like a young adult is you would think she would be harmless and wouldn’t want to kill people but then as you play through the game you get to see more and more of her evil side. Also she is quite a skinny character which is interesting because you would have thought she would have been more built which would intimidate people but instead you give of an evil impression but you don’t know what she is capable of. Also if you look at Harley’s eyes you can see that the makeup is very dark around the eyes making her look evil and possessed.


Harley Quinn is in fact a really smart person but she acts dumb a lot of the time which is a lot of the time to give the Joker a sense or strength, Harley spent a lot of her time being abused by the Joker but she didn’t leave because she gets obsessive really easily. “I loved flushing away the control. The goals. The regiment way of life I’d had. I was finally free. Free to forget. To play for fun. To play crazy” This is what Harley says and looking at this you can see that she wanted to be free from expectations and reality. Harley deals with her identity crisis through obsession which is why she does everything the Joker tells her to do. Harley carry’s around either a massive hammer or a baseball bat which represents her personality, a hard, solid and strong personality. Harley has a good sense of loyalty and is very loyal to people like Poison Ivy and even the joker. Overall she is a young women full of obsession and freedom.


When Harley Quinn walks in Arkham Knight she does it in a self-assured manner. When fighting she does lots of gymnastics to defeat her enemy. She is also a very faced paced character which is good because if she was slow it wouldn’t really go with the way she looks unless she was more built. When walking she tends to walk at a slower pace and sometimes she may skip which makes her look more psychotic and creepy almost like a possessed child. Some times when you see Harley in her stances she has her hand on her hip almost giving a demanding and controlling look.


When Harley is fighting enemies she is always saying stuff like “miss me” or “hello buttercup” so she is saying things that would make the enemy think twice about hitting her because she tries to be innocent which also then gives her the opportunity to give her final attacks to her enemy.

Her voice sounds almost childlike which matches with her personality because if it was serious it wouldn’t go with the character. Sometimes if you listen close to the end of her sentence she sorts of goes a bit crazy, angry and evil. It’s almost like she tries to lure them in then she goes psychotic on her enemy’s.



Was there a connection between the characters

When looking at the characters I discovered how they both are pulled towards freedom, Ezio’s freedom revolves around the freeing of the city and he involved a lot around freedom also by the way he moves and does parkour. Whereas Harley on the other hand tries to find freedom within the mind and likes to set herself free from reality and expectations. In also noticed the colour scheme both the characters have and they are quite similar in a way; Harley wears red for love, lust, romance but then she also where’s black for evil, hatred, darkness and it’s a similar case for Ezio. He wears white and red a lot of the time during the game Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and the white represents, loyalty, freedom, pure however he also wears red which stands for anger, revenge, hatred towards the Templar’s. Also when these two characters both fight they both tend to use gymnastics and weapons to attack their opponents and that do it at quite a fast paced which is good because it matches both of their character’s size, height and weight. Also Harley are both very loyal characters, she is loyal to the Joker and Ezio is loyal to his family.


I think that from looking into these characters I can see more of the process of how they were thought of and then developed. You can also see how emotions, history and characteristics are involved in the character’s costume, movement and personality.


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                                                   Harley’s audience change

Harley’s audience is directed more towards teenagers and young adults, one reason why Harley is considered for that sort of audience is because of the colour palette they use on the character is dark, scary, depressing also they dress the character up like a young adult/teenager so this also help to connect the character to the audience. The gender for this character is a female so it brings in a lot of the female audience, the background is quite interesting she starts of as a normal young female working at a psychiatric unit until she meets the Joker.

Re-deigning audience for the character-

My new audience will be for children and toddlers so the colour pallet will have to change a small bit so a bit lighter colours which will make it easier for them to look at and enjoy instead of the dark, scary character. The gender will not change but the age of the Character will be more of a toddler where the character will be able to walk around. For shape theory I would most like use the shape of a circle because its soft and safe. The colour would be a small bit lighter but you I would still put highlights in hair as it is part of her character but I would maybe change the colour to pink and blue as well as her clothing, also the texture of her clothing would be cotton instead of leather to make it appeal more to the younger audiences and to make her look more like a toddler.

The look of the character


When looking at examples of toddlers in a child’s programme I came across Rugrats and I really liked the look of the characters and I wanted to create something similar. I used references of Rugrats characters and tweaked them small bit to make them look more like Harley.

When looking at the Rugrats characters I really liked Kira’s clothing and I felt like it would look good for Harleys costume because it makes her look more like a toddler but it also suits Harleys personality and her actual costume because of the skirt.

Then I came across Angelica and I saw that her personality is similar to Harleys; she is a self-centred character most of the time. Also Angelica and Harley both only have two pig tails in their hair so it she actually already matches her characteristics.

I mixed in the two characters together and I also tried to add Harley Quinn into the image, you can see how I’ve applied Harley’s characteristics with the white face and highlights in the hair. With the white face I decided to make it look like Harley had thrown white powder over her face

The ability for the character

In the game Harley has the ability to go psychotic and when she does everything goes red and she sees loads of writing on walls and she can seek out people within the game. For a younger audience I would change it around so when she uses her ability she sees Barbie doll stickers everywhere and also the other character’s around her turn in to Barbie dolls as well. In game Harley also like to jump up to high places so I would give her a pair of shoes that have a spring attached to them.

Voice of the character

Her voice would be more sweet and kind instead of angry and upset also the pitch will be higher as she is much younger.


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Unit 9 3.2

Reflection on last year

I am going to be writing about how I believe last year went and what has changed and what happened making sure I also have an understanding of what I want to do this. I will then conclude my ideas and talk about them and say what’s different compared to last year.

Last year I felt that I learnt a lot of core skills that would help me in day to day life and not just in the working industry; one example of this would be confidence because at the start of last year I wasn’t as confident as I should be but through-out the duration of the course I became more independent and confidence from talking in front of my class and presenting my ideas and work. I would also say I learnt a lot of teamwork last year as we had to work as a team to create our bunker models and this has also helped me in day to day life as well with communication, leadership and teamwork skills.

My strengths at the start of the year were; I was able to draw fairly well, also I could be good at taking in new skills by learning them in my own time as well as in classes. I would also say that I was good a 3D modelling and texturing objects which I was surprised about because I didn’t really know much about 3D before starting the course. I would say my main weaknesses were; that I was not very good at sound and voice acting as I wished I could have been, I hope to this year improve on my sound and maybe get actors to help out. I would also say that I wasn’t very good at mixing up ideas which is what I tried to do last year with my FMP but it just confused me and I had to start almost all over again.

My goals at the start of the year were to learn to animate but at the start of the course we didn’t learn to much animation, hopefully this year we might. I also had a goal to learn as much as I could about the job roles within the creative games industry. I also wanted to achieve a high grade for the end of the year, also I wanted to get into animation as a career and work on anything that involved animation.

I would say my goal at the start of the course changed when I learnt how to 3D model, it was a great skill that I learnt, which I set a goal to learn more about 3D. With my goal of learning about each job role in the industry my idea then evolved when I learnt about the roles in the industry and now I want to get a job with one of them roles (3D modelling or illustration).

One short goal of mine would be to learn more about more about animation over the duration of the course as it is an aspect of the course I have been eager to learn. A medium term goal would be to apply for the university that I want to go to and a suitable course and to then hopefully get into the course. A long term goal of mine if to finally get a job in 3D modelling or illustration and to get the right experience to learn more.

Lego Franchise

Understanding of characteristics, context and audience of the Lego franchise. Any movie franchise that has been adapted for Lego games.

Who is the audience for Lego

The main audience for Lego is based around 6-12 year olds I think that this is mostly because its for having fun. When the first Lego bricks came out they were bright colourful and fun, these are all the aspects that kids look within toys or game. Lego was first based around just building blocks up to create something such as a house or anything your imagination could think of. This is why the target audience was based more for 6-12 year olds because  they are more likely to use their imagination than adults. It is also very long lasting which is good because then kids won’t break it or just stop using it after a few days. Parents and teens are also seen playing with Lego to but this is mostly for family purposes, sometimes you see the occasional competitive adult Lego builder.

When looking into the Lego games I decided to do some primary with the game Lego Avengers which I brought and played to see the experience of the game its more intended for 7+ years old but it is also a family game where anyone can just pick up and learn to play. They also have hints to help new players in any part of the game, but for them more experienced players they can turn of the hints to make it more harder for them.

Who is the audience for the Lego movie franchise

The audience for the movie of the avengers is more based directed towards teens and adults and is said to be an age rating of 12+ I think they intended the movie to be more towards adults and teens as well is so that they could get a audience for each age group. The movie has more realism in as well which is another point of why it is for more older people because kids like more movies like cartoonish.

Who likes this genre?

People who like the avengers movies are more people that like a lot of action and thrill as well anticipation through out a movie. It is also a superhero and a fictional movie where anything could happen. Also a lot of kids and teens watch this movie as it has superhero’s, villains and is overall fun film that’s made for entertaining.

How have they adapted the style for a Lego game?

They’ve adapted this game for a Lego game by toning down the violence, they do still have it within the game but its made to be more funny than serious because when a character gets supposable killed they explode with coins instead if blood. They made it more intended for kids by making it look more cartoonish especially because of the bright colour scheme within the game and its is also more fun and adventurous.

Address violence,deceny,consistency with other Lego games

One game that has a small bit violence is Indiana Jones and this is because it has Nazi within the game but they turn it into a more funnier factor by toning down the violence. One game that shows sexualised characters is Star wars because in one of them you get some of the storm troopers in underwear and the girls in bikini which isn’t actually part of the story but makes it fun for older people.

References: Scribd. 2016. Lego identifying the market segement . [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 8 December 2016].


Compare Lego to Street fighter

Is there any similarities between Lego and Street Fighter

When looking at comparing Lego to street fighter they are two very contrasting games especially when it comes to audiences because in Lego there isn’t much violence because their target audience is directed towards kids. Where as Street Fighter on the other hand is more violent and but doesn’t show gore or blood within it so these two are fairly similar when it comes to violence but not blood and gore.

Another thing Street Fighter and Lego have that is similar is they are both unrealistic and almost cartoonish, Lego is mostly cartoonish because it is made for children. Street Fighter is unrealistic and cartoonish because they don’t have much violence within the game. Also they both have two sets of audiences, Lego has a main audience with kids but also with older people too that enjoy family games. Street Fighters first audience is mainly for teenagers and adults because it revolves around fighting and kids and elderly people wouldn’t play fighting games. The reason Lego also has a audience for teenagers is because they made the controls easier and also the made the game where u don’t need to spend money but use time to unlock and get new  content.

Which is more appropriate to the Lego franchise? Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat?

One thing that automatically makes Street Fighter more appropriate is the lack of gore and blood within Street Fighter because Lego has no blood in Street Fighter would be more suitable for their target audience. One other point to make about why Street Fighter would be more appropriate is also because of the colour scheme and the concept of the game, there colours are bright, fun and interesting similar to Lego games where as Mortal Kombat is dark, angry, evil and the concept of Mortal Kombat is more intended as a killing game where as Street Fighter’s concept is more about just beating up the opponent using just your fists and occasionally special abilities.

Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat audience comparison

They are both similar games in the aspect of two people trying to beat each other up but they are also two very different games when it comes to audiences. Mortal Kombat mostly focuses most of its game towards the older audiences, not only do I know this due to the age rating of the game which is 18 but also because of its amount of blood, gore and over exaggerated violence. What I mean by over exaggerated is where a character gets his/ heads ripped of when a fatality happens. Street Fighter as a very different path when it comes to audiences, not only is it a still a very popular game to this day but it is also made for a majority of audiences. One of these audience are made for adults due to the violence and it is also made for teenagers too that have a more competitive edge over games.

What are the problems with Street Fighter for the Lego franchise?

One of the problems why Street Fighter may not be suitable for the Lego franchise is mainly because of the violence but also Lego has faced and overcome problems with violence with other games such as Indiana Jones, they also had Nazi within the game but restricted the violence and turned it into a more funny opportunity grabbing in the younger generation. One other problem is that Street Fighter is an intended beat them up game, this is a problem with Lego because they are usually story driven and don’t just have fighting in. Where as in Street Fighter all they do is fight they don’t wonder around towns or villages they just fight, but Street Fighter alpha can almost represent a smaller version of a Lego game because it is more for kids because it is pixelated.

Overall when looking at comparing the two games and seeing why they would or would not fit within the Lego franchise was a very interesting aspect to talk about because not only will it help me understand why we choose to do Lego characters but it also helps me to add more of Street Fighter into Lego more better knowing what to put into the character animation or not.

Venn diagram

When creating this Venn diagram I am going to be writing about how its aimed at two different audiences but they have similarities and this shows even though too games are completely different.

Lego audiences is intended for younger audiences and families, but can also be played for adults, I say this because the game has a hint setting where if it is on it makes it easier for anyone to pick up and play even a parent. The games are although mostly made entirely for kids, the lowest age rating is 3+ for their games, sometimes it may differ from 8-12+. Also when violence happens it is misguided as something fun. when someone gets killed they explode with coins instead of blood in order to make it appropriate for their audience. As the game is also action packed it also pulls ins younger people and it does contain violent, but it not aggressive at all

When looking at Street Fighter audience one thin that is noticed straight away is the fact that the characters are over sexualised and this annoys some. It has a fair bit of violence involved within the game but has no blood or gore contained within the gameplay. The target audience is directed more towards competitive gamers which usually pulls in teenagers and adults. The reason being is because their age group it the most likely to be more aggressive and competitive. The game also brings in the younger audiences with its action packed gameplay and it colour scheme.


Overall when creating this Venn diagram it made me realise how similar and how different two games can be from each other, I think that this helps me because it makes me think of how I could incorporate Street Fighter into Lego.


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 Character study- Birdie

On this task I am going to be looking at Birdie’s animations such as the special ability and the idle, After I analyse correctly I will then move on to animating a character to do the exact same movement.



When looking at the video of Birdie for his special ability you can see there are a lot of fast and slow motions combined within the animation and when he lifts his head up getting ready to head-butt his head is aimed more to the left. and his arm stay close to his waist a majority of the time.

I then started to animate my pre made rigged character, I used a reference video in order to get the best result I possible could when I was animating, I started of by moving the waist as the waist controls a majority of the body so I animated that first. Afterwards I would then start to animate the legs, arms and the head, each body part one after another. To animate I placed animation key frames down in order for the animation to record and play.

I would then finalise my animation and make sure I done it as best as I could, I came across a few problems such when the animation wouldn’t match up because a key frame was accidently moved or deleted.


My idle was just as easy to do I just followed the same process when animating making sure that I get it close to what the original looks like, one problem that I came across when creating the idle animation was when I was not over exaggerating the movement. This became a problem because it don’t look like Birdie without the over-exaggerating movement.

Character study- Ryu

For creating the Ryu animation it was fairly easy because a lot of the animation was most all about copy and pasting the animation keys into the right place. After I done that I then positioned the arms in legs into place, when doing this I came across a lot of problems with the character model, a lot of the time the body would stick out the clothing and it just didn’t look right so I tied it another 2 times.


This is a image of me animating Ryu, when animating I made sure to use a reference for Ryu so that I could follow it along more accurately and get more accuracy when animating. I had to rotate the head and the arms and then I would animate them so they move just the slightest bit, making the character animation look more real.



Lego Storyboard


The first scene of my story bored is all about Heavy damage which is what shows how my character will react to a heavy amount of damage, In my  first shot you see Ryu doing the shrouken to my character and as he hits my characters chin he head lifts up and his body starts to raise from the ground. In the second shot he flips up with his feet in the air and lands on his back, I didn’t really do a shot for when he stood back up after because it was going to be just a normal raise up from the ground.

When doing the shot for his heavy attack scene you can see Richie throw dirt or dust into the enemies eyes temporarily blinding the enemy, this will be a slow motion due to the fact that if he is able to pull this move of too fast in a game he will be a really irritating character to fight against so I wanted to make it equal by slowing the dirt or dust throw down. For the second scene you can see him unleash a load of boxing punches; he will start with a really fast uppercut then a right and left hook, and then comes back for a really heavy left hook.

For my third scene I focused on my critical art and in the first shot he starts of by spinning the umbrella round which then burst’s into flames. Then in his second shot he will start the opponent on the head with the umbrella giving a great deal of damage knocking the enemy to the floor.

When doing this task I found out how I had to restrict myself to certain moves that I could actually pull of myself, this made it easier for me to create a story board as well as film my movements for the animations.

Legal and ethical considerations

When looking at the legal and ethical considerations of characters from Street Fighter you are more like to judge the way they look and how the are stereotypical made within the game to fit their backgrounds.

One character that is very stereotypical is of a female character called Elena who is from Street Fighter 3 the reason I believe that they didn’t really think about the ethical consideration character because they over sexualised her and made her features stand out more by putting her in a African bikini, she is also made out to be clack just because she is African and this could upset some people because it is a very stereotypical view of an African .

One character that was also very stereotypical made and put within the game is Dee Jay who is from the Street Fighter 2 game, he is made to appear as a USA martial arts movie star . One thing that was very stereotypical is that because he appeared black skinned within the game his background history is him being a ‘DJ (disco jockey)’ rapper which could upset some people which is why they needed to think more carefully about their characters.

One thing to take into consideration when making a character is that when you create a character you have to take in the consideration of your audience perspective because if you are spending money creating a character you don’t want it to be offense to other people.

When looking into legal and ethical considerations I found out how important it is to think about your characters carefully and how you have to make them non-offensive towards your audiences or you could end up being sued as a company.


Character design


When I started out in designing my characters I first of all started out by looking at references for some of my characters in able to get a more accurate look, my first character was based on a image of an actual mobster from the 1970’s I made the suit grey due to that fact that my character is meant to have a cheap personality and I almost wanted his clothes to represent that. I also used the colour red on his shirt to show that he is a very angry character and has a violent feel to him. I then looked at angry Lego expressions in order to get the angry look on his face, I added a hat because I was also referencing him from the penguin in the Lego Batman games. I felt like the hat was a good feature to add and made him also look more like a mobster.

I then moved onto the second character where I took the jacket of the character and I based him around Jim Gordon from Batman because I felt like he had a cool bad aggressive look to him. I added a green tie because the colour green represents slyness, I also added a tattoo onto this character which says “life like dice” which is a tattoo incorporated on Birdie’s stomach, I felt like this was a good add onto the character because it showed their relation a bit more (farther and son).

I then went for the overall vest top look where he is just wearing a vest which I felt looked fairly well as it showed preparation toward the fight , almost like he took off his jacket to fight. This time I decided to use a darker colour pallet on the character to show that he is a more dark secretive character, overall I really liked the dark look as it made him stand out more.

The 4th character design was token a lot from the watch dogs modern mobster look, I wanted to see what it would come out like and I think it makes the character look really aggressive and sneaky, I added on the hat as well as I felt it added onto the character.

For the next character design I was almost incorporating majority of the characters from Lego batman; the character I used were Jim Gordon, Joker and also the penguin. I got the idea to add the vest underneath the jacket like how the Joker has it. I then used the colour green to show his slyness and red to show his anger.

For character design number 6 I added on gloves and also the hat from the watch dog character design and the jacket from my first initial design, I started to mix a few character deigns together to get more of a better look.

The last character design I decided to add in more of the dark colour pallet onto the character and I added a vest underneath the coat to give it more of a personality and I made it brown as well as the tie because it went well with black.

Speed drawing

On this task I will be focusing on drawing the motions of two characters from Street Fighter who were; Birdie and Ryu, when drawing this characters I will set myself certain time limits in order to get faster or get slower and have more control.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For my first drawing on  I started of by doing a 30 sec warm up sketch, I did this because it got me used to how to draw quickly and more precisely at the same time which I think is crucial when it comes to drawing motion. In my first drawing I wrote about how it was a very small drawing and that I didn’t get the proportions right. I then asked for feedback and I got told ‘I had good shape’ because I was only focusing on the lines but I needed to draw bigger. On my second drawing of the first page I pretty much didn’t have much difference except for the size of the drawing, my third drawing of the first page was had more shapes in it but the drawing were not in proportion. My fourth drawing was a 1 minute drawing so this one had more size, good proportion but the shape could have been better.

For my second page, first drawing was for Ryu, I wanted to focus more on the lines of the structure of the character so the shape wasn’t that good but the proportion was better this time because I focused on the line structure of the character. The feedback I got for this drawing was ‘This drawing conveys motion well’ which showed through the good structural drawing that I created. On the Second page, second drawing I focused on proportion of the drawing trying to get all of the arms, legs, body, head at a good rated size. The feedback I got was ‘arms are too far down the body’. my second page third drawing was a one minute drawing, in this drawing I wanted to add structure and proportion together, the outcome was fairly good but I then needed to focus on shapes.

My third page and first drawing was for Ryu, I mostly focused on shapes for this one in order to get more skill, it turned out fairly good but I needed to mix it with size and proportion. The third page second drawing that I completed I added in shape and also line, I done the lines for the structure first and then I added on the shapes around the lines which turned out really good.

My fourth page I was focusing on drawing Birdies head-butt move, the first drawing I done of him was 30 seconds long, I made sure to add in the line and shape technique that I learnt and the drawing came out surprisingly well but I didn’t complete it as I needed to go faster. For the second drawing fourth page I done the same process and I needed to go even more faster on this one too. On my third drawing fourth page I focused on the same process again but I did it a little bit more faster this time, I figured out the faster and lighter I drew the more fluent my drawing would be and the more it would look like its in motion. On the fourth drawing, fourth page I found a little bit more easier and fluent adding in all my techniques at once, this time I even managed to add more detail onto the character and capture the motion. I also defined the muscles, fat and body shape by pressing harder with my pencil.

My fifth page was a basic drawing of Ryu on a large page of A3 paper, I found it more difficult drawing bigger but I found it easier to spot mistakes within my drawing. When drawing Ryu I tried to incorporate all the skills that I had learnt into one drawing. This time I used a purple coloured pencil in order to see how it would turn out with different colours, I found it looked more interesting but I don’t think I used the right colour and I needs something more brighter.

My sixth page first drawing I focused on another 2 minute study of Birdie it went really well but The feedback I received was ‘try and imaging the body shape without any clothing’ which I took into consideration.

On the seventh page I done a 3 minute drawing of Birdie I focused on imagining his body shape without so many clothes and I got a better result when drawing the fat and muscle of the character. I used the colour red but that didn’t really stand out as much as it could have.

On my eighth page first drawing I done a 2 minute drawing of Ryu, focusing on line, shape, proportion and motion, it turned out really well but the shape wasn’t as good as I thought could have been. I then done a 3 minute drawing of Ryu and it turned out so much better than I had anticipated which made me feel more confident, I added in every aspect I had learned throughout this whole process and it came out really well, I also used the colour Orange to make my drawing pop out more which worked really well.

I then my ninth page drawing and I done a bigger 3 minute scale drawing of Birdie, this one I didn’t do as well as I could have, I think it was because of the sudden change in size of paper but you could see the form, shapes, size and motion which turned out good. The feedback I received for this drawing was ‘Belly is quite small and the stance needs to look like he’s putting a strong force when he pushes forwards’ which made more sense.

Overall through doing this whole process I got a much better of understanding the motion of the characters and how they move, it helped me to visualize the movements of the character which would help me a lot when creating the movements when animating. This has also helped me to understand the process of 2D animation as well as 3D animation.

Refining character designs

I started to refine my character by first of all bringing them into Photoshop, I started out using a basic Lego template which I decided to use from Google images because it was then not pixelated when I brought it into Photoshop. I started of by developing the gesture of the faces for my characters so then I would know what I would want my character to look like.


For all of the face I started out by quickly using the fill tool to set out the basic colour of the face which I decided to make yellow just like how most Lego characters are within the games. I started on the top left Lego character and the first thing I decided to focus on were the glasses because I felt they were the most hardest part to create. I ended up learning to use shift and paint in order to get the straight edges for the lines. Afterwards I then added in the eyes of the character which was fairly easy when using Elliptical marque tool to create simple circles, I would then use the eraser tool to make the highlights in the eyes. I then focus on the hair which was fairly simply when using a graphic tablet as all I had to draw was the outline of the hair and then just use the fill tool to colour it in.


I then started on the full character design, I started of by chosen one of my selected faces from above and put it into my full character concept. The reason I choose to pick the 4th character face is because I felt like the moustache gave him a little bit of a more older look compared to the others, I also liked the hairstyle on this character and that’s how I wanted mine to turn out like when I create the model of the character.


I then focused on doing the legs, belt, gloves and top hat; the reason I choose to do these first is because they were the parts that had the least detail on so I thought it would be quick and easy if I started on them first for the hat I made little indications of where the creases will go when modelling, I made sure to focus on making it how I wanted it to be modelled.


This time I made a dramatic change to my character concept, I took of the gloves changed the colour of the trousers and made the hair and glasses black, I wanted to try a lighter coloured character first to see what it would look like. I then finished of the jacket and added in small details to it to make it look more like a jacket.


I then worked on the back of the character which I kept fairly simple due to the fact that I knew there wouldn’t be as much detail on the back as there was on the front of the jacket, I did a small bits of detail though to indicate that it was a jacket. I made most of the back the basic colour for the front and added hair at the back of the characters head which looked better.


I then started on my second design which was also my favourite design, I didn’t change much about the character as I liked the original concept for him all I done was mess around with the colour palette to have a look at which ones I felt suited best. I added in the vest to make him look a bit more upperclass and I also added a green handkerchief because the colour green would indicate slyness and deception which matches along with my characters personality. I then changed the colour of the hair and glasses back to the original design because I felt like it made him look more like an older character.


I then finished the back of the character and done basic colours and simple details just like in my first piece because I stood out more to me than loads of detail and also it made more sense.


Audience Analysis

What do the articles tell you about

Traditional audience for fighting games

When looking at the type of audience that fighting games bring in, they look more towards the casual competitive audience because they knew that a lot of casual people would enjoy the game more especially with the aspect of beat ’em up in it. The reason why its based towards casual gamers is because they have a variety of characters that bring in lots of different audiences and then when they played the campaign and went online they start to get more competitive along the way. Also they like to bring in a lot of the competitive players within most fighting games, one downside to this is that when a newcomers starts they game they can get really frustrated with the controls and playing against a competitive league of players. They made the game for a more competitive group of players so that over time them players wouldn’t just get bored and stop playing the game, this was one of Street Fighter v strategies and how they managed to grab their audience’s interests and keep them there.

What is the appeal of fighting games to this audience

what brings the competitive people in a lot when playing fighting games is for one the characters, they need to suit a type of audience that would want t0 play a fighting game, for example a strong character with quick agile moves would be in the game instead of a guy with a gun shooting everything. Also I think another thing that brings in competitive and casual gamers is when people get excited over what they see, its intense, unpredictable, fun and a lot of people get into it from watching others play via YouTube and live streams. Where people like to see and feel this excitement it has also arrange Esports where people gather together to watch people play their favourite game. Street Fighter was actually one of the first Esport titles.

The problem in that appeal to new audience demographics?

One major problem when trying to grab a new audience for Street Fighter is there is no basic support system within the game, where you are taught how to actually play the game and pull off most of the moves. Also one other problems is the controls are much more difficult in some of the Street Fighter games which make it harder for the newcomers of the game.As they base they’re game around a lot of the younger generation the game companies are more likely to give out free content, based on how much these younger generation players play, the reason being is because they believe the younger generation don’t always have the money to buy more content, but on the other hand they are more “Time rich” which if they put more time and effort into the game they will eventually unlock new content.

Have developers tried to overcome these problems?

One way the developers have tried to overcome a lot of the problems are by first of all changing the controls of the games making it more easier and more adjustable to pull of some of the moves. Another way would be where they would encourage newcomers to play with new characters and content, by doing this they also hope to pull in more of the younger generation players into the game. They are now a more serviced based game where they will listen to their fans advice and take it into consideration for future aspects of the game. They also slowed down a lot of the combat so that newcomers found it easier to play when against tougher opponent so then they had more time to think about what buttons to press or “smash”. In Street Fighter there is also a fair amount of delay between the special and the ultra allowing newcomers to easily evade critical attacks like that. They also made sure to keep familiar faces in the new games in order to also keep interest of the old street fighter audience.

How could you apply this to new knowledge to your idea for your character?

Consider age, education, income, interests etc.

Consider traditional audience’s vs new audiences

When adding some of this knowledge to my character it makes me want to make him a bit more younger so that he could connect with the newer audience but also give him really good abilities for them competitive players to use against each other. I could also make him quite trendy with nowadays people and give him a personality from a competitive character aswell as a young character. So he would taunt his opponent a lot but also be able to move around fast and agile like a younger character.

šDo you think a Lego Street Fighter game might help to overcome some of these problems?

šIf so, how?

I think it definitely would help a lot with all them newcomers who find it hard to play because lego games are mostly for younger audiences and it has a support system within it which allows the users to quickly learn the basic controls. I also think that this would also go well within street fighter because it has a cartoonish look to it so if it was Lego it wouldn’t look too much different.

šCharacteristics in beat ’em ups

šWhat are the typical themes of the fighting game genre of video games?

The typical theme is a competitive beat ’em up surrounded with a bit of the Japanese culture within the game, this is where some of the characters originated from, but you also sometimes got the variety of characters that were from Britain, Spain etc. But within most fighting games its all about beating up your opponent and proving to them that you are better. Also within the themes of fighting games you get tough looking characters that look like they can fight, you wouldn’t put a really weak elderly character within a fighting game knowing they wont play any good. People tend to look for a strong wielded character to use against their opponent.

šHow does your character fit, adapt or subvert these themes? Why is this relevant?

My character fits within the theme because he is ur basic 1970’s mobster and they usually tend to be tough through-out games and movies. I think that my character would be good because he will show a sense of competitiveness as well as he is all about wining due to the fact that he is a gambler. If you were to character a character for a fighting game these are some of the points to look over as the character needs to be; strong, fast, hard hitting and if your character isn’t believable then it wont really fit within the genre.

šWhat is the appeal of these games? Why do you think people play them?

People have played these games due to the fact of its competitiveness and also its intense, fun and sometimes fast atmosphere, This is also why a lot of people choose to play as they want to win against their friends, family or within the multiplayer game mode. A lot of people like the non-violent type of fighting game to where there not tearing their opponent apart unlike in Mortal Kombat which is more directed towards a more older audience where as street fighter stick to the younger audience while also bringing in the old competitiveness as well making sure they don’t lose sight of their other audience too.

šWhat are the key conventions/characteristics of the genre?

Some of the key characteristics within a fighting a game is the fact of violence, being able to take on your opponent and beat them up to show you are better than them, you can get various types of beat ’em up like Mortal Kombat which has brutal gameplay and Tekken which in some cases is classed similar but more realistic than Street Fighter. Street Fighter direct their audience to a younger and more competitive audience. Also another key characteristic is being to be able to pick who you want to fight as which helps guide in the audience a little bit more towards this genre.

šHow could you use these to develop your character/concept?

When looking at how I could interpret the violence into my character directed for a younger audience I can almost get a slight over exaggerated cartoon character. Also when thinking of creating a concept for a character I could use the fact of the audience in order to get them to connect with a character they relate to which will bring them in more.

šHow have other developers followed or adapted these characteristics for new interpretations of the genre? What can you learn from this?

They have put these characteristics and made them more suitable for a younger audience, like how Lego makes most games suitable for a lot of younger audience, by reducing the gore with funny, quirky character and moves bringing in more of the newer generation. I can learn from this how I can effective take a Street Fighter character and place them within a Lego world making them more direct to a younger audience.

What are the key gameplay elements?

Some of the key gameplay elements within Street fighter is being able to plan out and over think you opponent when fighting against them, also the moves are key gameplay elements to enable a smooth and fun gaming session. Another key element of these game is that you have two rounds in order to beat your opponent up within a set time and this create a more intense atmosphere for the gamers playing, the characters also impact a lot of the gameplay with their moves and fighting stlye

šHow does your character fit, adapt, or subvert these elements?

My character fits within these element due to the fact of him being sly and very unpredictable leading for a more planned out approach towards the game, also I would make sure that the character doesn’t go to over exaggerated with the moves or otherwise it wont look believable.

šIdentify examples cited in the article that could help you develop your character/concept?

Sport is something I think that is worth looking at as well as making sure that equality is in place so then your character wouldn’t be over the top where no one can beat you, also moves are something to also take into consideration when developing a character.

šIn what ways could they help inform your ideas?

When looking at sport it will make it more realistic and believable than a character flying across you screen, and also it would set out the fact of equality because then you wouldn’t be able to make to over powered characters. Moves also are something to take into consideration, moves define out character as a whole and with the wrong movement my character wouldn’t look believable.


Birdie’s character was made to look like a 1970’s Cockney British punk rocker. In the first ever street fighter birdie is healthy and not over weight he was also white skinned man and had a long blonde Mohawk. This was Capcoms visual representation of what they thought a 1970’s British punk rocker, I think they were fairly accurate with the clothing of birdie in Street Fighter Alpha but in Street Fighter v they change Birdie a lot.



When they started to re-designed Birdie I almost felt as though they over exaggerated the character with their stereotypical points of view, making him; fat, rude, self centred, aggressive and loud

The first re-design of birdie you can almost see how it has drastically changed, they made him larger and dark-skinned with still the same sort of hair colour. In the newest re-design they made Birdie really fat and and also a very unsympathetic character. Almost like they were trying to say punk rockers only cared about consumption and themselves. Birdie attitude also changed a lot as well within Street Fighter V compared to Street Fighter alpha, he was a lot more aggressive towards his enemies and seemed to hate everyone and everything.

I think they re-deigned the character to look like this now because they were thinking of how a punk rocker actually is and then they decided to over exaggerate the character, this did upset some people because they didn’t like the stereotypical point of view about the character. I think personally this is why Birdie is one of the character in Street Fighter V that stands out to me the most, because his almost like just a really angry civilian and his not a superhero. It is also kind of nice seeing a character like Birdie for a change instead of always seeing the amazing character types. Its like if you was to make a game with superhero’s or old people, you would be mostly likely to pick a game with superhero’s in that’s why Birdie is so different.


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Pixel art- Ryu

Colour, silhouettes and key frames,


Silhouettes are very important when starting out with your basic pixel art. It helps to layout out where every body part should go, the arms, legs, body and head. When creating the silhouette, you need to keep in mind the basic shape of the character that you are doing. The character that I done was ryu and also from Street Fighter.


After I got the basic silhouette down I started out by putting colour into my pixel art, I found this very difficult to do because you had to do all the colours that would look good and you can’t be accurate no matter how hard you try because there is no correct way to do pixel art. When doing colours I found it much easier to create form when using a first and a secondary colour. The first colour I would use is the main colour and the secondary colour would be a form of shading, shape and would improve the pixel art.

Key frames are used a lot in animation and they help to show the movement from one frame to another, 2d animation cost a lot more in time and effort compared to 3d animation because 2d animation is harder to manipulate and do what you want in a realistic way.

ePixel art- Birdie


Pixel art is art built up with squares of 16×16 blocks of colour which usually help to define a shape or a character, Pixel art was one of the first arcade gaming looks this is because animating was much harder back then especially when they didn’t have much technology back then. So without Pixel art we wouldn’t have any old retro games like Space raiders, Donkey Kong, Atari and more.


I started out by first of all laying out the silhouette for Birdie’s character, his character was a little bit harder to create because he had a lot of difference in height, weight and posture compared to Ryu’s character so I had to plan it out more carefully than usual I started the silhouette of with the head of the character and then working my way down the body parts of the character.


After completing the silhouette I then worked by adding colour into the pixel art, I started of by doing the basic colours of the colours, I found it fairly difficult when trying to come up with the skin colour of the character because I had to mix colours together to get the correct colour.

I would then finalize my Pixel art by adding in small details onto the character that is needed to make it look more like birdie, one thing that I also found out when trying to create colours is that You should have a first and secondary colour. The first colour would be the main colour and the second colour will almost be like a shade to make it stand out more.

When creating this character I came across a few issues like the colour skin, the silhouette proportions and more but I learnt a lot about the process of how to create Pixel art and also a small bit about animating it.capture

 Pitch prepare

These character ideas are what I thought up of when preparing my pitch and gathering all my ideas together.

Character ideas

Name: Richie

Gender: Male

Location: British, United Kingdom

Race: white

Age:45, middle aged

Build: Slim and muscular in torso and arms

Personality: Sly, un-trust worthy, evil, addicted to money (reason why he enters fighting tournaments)

Fight style: Karate and judo, boxing

Inspirations: 1970’s gangsters, Kingsman, the penguin, birdie, Jim Gordon batman, The movie Snatch

Backstory: He is Birdy’s dad, he didn’t really care about birdy, he was more obsessed with money, he only spent time with birdie when they trained together or when they were making money in the criminal underworld.

Audience: the audience will be more based to teenagers and adults because it is also the same for birdie. Birdie is a character that is repulsive and a character you wouldn’t usually play so is Richie.

I believe my character because he resembles the penguin in a way and a lot of people liked to play the penguin because of his attitude and also kids and young adults would play as the penguin if they got the chance which shows me that a younger audience that likes Lego wouldn’t mind a character like Richie.

He would be good in street fighter because not only would he show abit more of birdies past but also his fighting style will be unique like birdie’s and I think the audience would like that.

Special abilities: One of his special attacks would be where he would pull out his umbrella and he would spin it to then turn it on fire and he would swing it towards his opponent creating a windfall of fire that would strike the opponent.

Another attack would be that he would pick up some dirt and through it into the enemies eyes, temporarily blinding the enemy and then he would unleash a fist of fire into their face, hopefully knocking out his opponent.

Vega’s Spanish sister

Name: Isabella

Gender: Female

Location: Spanish

Race: white


Build: Slim

Personality: oversensitive, secretive, sly

Fight style: ninjitsu, Spanish dancing

Colour palette:


Spanish skating dress


Inspirations: Spanish dancing, Skating, Vega

Back story: was born in a privileged family, followed in her older brothers footsteps learning ninjistsu while also taken Spanish dancing lessons applying them together to create a Spanish dancing fight style making her unpredictable. She leaves home after her mother is murdered to take part in fighting tournaments and Spanish dancing competitions. She goes out her way to help her brother bring in the shadaloo dolls when they go out of control.

Audience: The audience for would be mostly directed for young female players and Spanish people as they are most likely to play her but can also be played by

I believe Isabella suits street fighter because she is a strong independent woman like most of the female charactes within street fighter, also she would suit lego because she isn’t all about revenege and killing so a lot of kids would play her too as lego aims a lot of their target audience towards kids.


Spins round and then trows petals above the enemy and as they gracefully fall and touch the enemy the will explode upon impact.

Voice: female, slight Spanish accent, pitch would be high but not too high.

Pitch results

When finishing my pitch I got told that I explained everything in good detail and came up with a lot of details about the charcaters I also got told that the character are fairly similar in a aspect of relating to family and making them relevant to a characters story line. I also got told the age of Richie’s character was too young and that I should have made him older as Birdie was already just under the age as what I orinally intended Richie to be which wouldn’t make sense to the story line. When everyone voted a majority  of the class picked richie, I also had some feedback on his fighting style and I got told to make him a boxer because it represents a mobster more and thats what they would most likely use in a fight. I think that one of the main reason’s everyone picked Richie instead is beacuse he made more sense and actually fitted more into the back story of Biridies life.

I think my idea went really well beacuse I thought about alot of the basck story of the characters and tried to get other characters to fit into them so I created a small part of the backstory of Birdie which I researched in depth so I could find out more.

Audio task


Ryu’s voice sounds really strong and clear in the 5th street fighter and his voice makes him sound middle aged and it fairly low pitched showing that his character is a fairly serious character. His voice comes through very clear compared to some of the other characters because he is one of the main characters.

In street fighter two you can almost instantly tell that ryu’s voice is a higher pitch, there isn’t much bass to the voice either. Also some bits of his voice get really crackly and either go really loud or quite at different times during when he is talking.

I think listening to both of them you can hear the difference in technology used and also you can tell that the actors have changed for Ryu’s character. In street fighter 2 Ryu almost sound like a computer generated the voice and not a voice actor. I think that they are almost completely different from each other and that in the street fighter 5 Ryu has much more dialogue in the game than in street fighter 2, The reason behind this is because they didn’t have amazing technology back then compared to know which has made a big impact on the quality of the sound.


When looking at birdies voice in Street Fighter alpha 2 he doesn’t really say much when fighting he mostly makes a loud groaning sound at the beginning of his fights. The pitch of his voice when he growns is fairly low and because its only a short bit of dialogue it isn’t as crackerly as some of the other charcters in Street Fighter alpha 2. His voice does still sound a small bit computer generated like ryu’s but this is due to their sound recording.

In Street fighter 5 Birdie seems to have cached more of the English accent and the pitch has also gotten a small bit higher making him a less serious character. Birdie also says things like “bloody hell im starving”. Which shows us that he thinks a lot about food. Also he gets out of breath a lot making him an unfit charcter, also he tends to speak slowly which to me shows that the character of birdie is very largerly built


I am going to be looking at audiences and how Lego games are suitable for them ages and also what games would work well with the audiences or not.

When looking a majority of the Lego games out at the moment they mostly focus on a kids but the game is also playable an older age group as well. The reason that I believe that the Lego games are mostly directed towards young kids is mostly because of the content within the game. The bright colours which lightings up the whole game, also gameplay has a lot of fun content in and it doesn’t possess anything offensive within the gameplay. I have played some Lego games in the past so taking this from first hand perspective I think that the game can also be changed to challenge the older audiences as well. The reason I think this is because you can toggle on and off helpful hints and things that would make the game easy for a minor.

Video character animations

I started of helping set of the camera’s for filming the character animation movements we made sure the camera’s were set the same distance apart, this is because it would look better with the angels of the camera, we also made sure the height was correct aswell so you could get the full body of each person in the shot in order to create and film the animations.

Front idle

Side idle

For my Front Idle I wanted it to look like I was boxing because my character is meant to be a boxer and so I had to pull f the movements of a boxer and make it look similar, I made lean forwards and backwards almost like how a boxer is always moving to put of their opponent. I felt like this animation went really well the only thing I could have improved on is where I could have tried to over exaggerate the character because most Lego characters always get over exaggerated to make them look more in depth with the game.

I then done the side idle, having both side of the animation will make more easier for me to look at later on when animating and re watching to see how the movement is created, I also notice how my body is twist at the torso which enable me to move more easily, I am aslo looking at incorporating this into my animation

Front taking damage

Side taking damage

When doing the front taking damage I thought about what would happen if my character got hit upwards on the chin and how his body would follow through with the power of that attack. I started of by first of all raising my head upwards like his head got knocked up, I would then move my body backwards slowly to show the force of the hit. Afterwards I would then raise my arms out so a reaction and a flow of my body moving backwards.

Side heavy attack

Front heavy attack

For the heavy attack I wanted to create a movement of me first of all leaning down to pick up some dust in order to then rise and throw the dust into the characters eyes, For the animation im looking to create I dont want to make the dust throw too fast because it will counter out the actual punches and it won’t look as fluent. I would then throw a combo of punches towards my oppenent in order to inflict damage upon them.

Front Critical attack

Side critical attack

For my critical attack I would start of by bringing my umberalla to the left of my chest activating my special ability I would then swoop my arm out again to prepare for the swirl of the umbrella after I finish the swirl of the attack I would then prepare my umberella for one final hit at towards the enemy.

Finally after finshing the animations I really liked the way they came out some parts I know I could have over-exageragrated in order to make them look more like Lego character movement.


For texturing I will need to get a UVW unwrap and then bring it into Photoshop and texture it using the fill and pen tool in Photoshop.

I put the unwrap into Photoshop to start of with and I then started of by first drawing the outline of where I wanted the details to be placed like the buttons or pockets on the jacket. I had to make sure it was the same side as front of the character model when drawing it so I used the edit polygon tool within 3ds max which allows me to highlight parts of the unwrap so I can see where about it the texture needs to be drawn. After finally drawing the basic outlines and details of the jacket, I would then use the fill tool within Photoshop to add colour onto the jacket. I decided to stick with the same colour of my initial design and then added in some secondary shading to make the colour stand out a little bit more.


When creating the top hat I thought of sticking to black instead of grey because it matched the outfit and it made it look like more better I think. I then focused on creating the trousers of the character and I made them all black so it was a pretty simple process to make them and colour them.

Leg and Belt texture:-

When doing the face I found it really hard because if didn’t place the texture in the right face then it wouldn’t like right and would go to different parts of the head model if it was too big (so one bit of the texture would be at the back of the head) this is where I decided that I would cut out the hair and 3D model the hair to make it easier to fit onto the face which required me to make a change to my initial design but in the end it turned out really well.


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While creating the final textures for my character I noticed a few aspects that I would be required to change in order to make the character look more better when 3ds max, the changes I made thankfully made my character look twice as good as my initial design. One thing I would change about texturing is that I would have liked to have more time so that I could create more bolder and better textures that would look more realistic than cartoonish.

Assassins fist report

When watching the Street Fighter assassins fist I made sure to take notes so that I could critically analyse the film and compare it to the game as well as the anime which is what I am going to carry out within this report.

For the movie Street fighter I believe that they made their audience directed towards more older people and also towards people who enjoy watching martial arts and action films  because it had a lot action in it and over time you gradually got the story but the action is what would grab in most people. When looking into the games of street fighter they are almost made for a younger audience like teens and kids because the colours are very bright and bold unlike in the move everything is more realistic, the reason I believe kids and teens would enjoy bold colours is because they are used to watching cartoons and anime which would bring them into the game. They changed the audience form a movie to a game by adding in certain colour pallets. The also change it by creating a lighter tone on the characters voices to make them sound more innocent and less intimidating when playing with or against them. They also change the appearance of the characters clothing to make it look more like a cartoon/anime game than a realistic martial art fighter game. One thing that also gets changed when making it a game is the setting that characters fight in, they done it where the setting isn’t scary or realistic it looks more easier to relax and to play and to have fun with.

The Street Fighter movie was a lot more different than the anime version because the Street Fighter movie was very realistic and it had a lot of tension in it compared to the anime version which was cartoonish and free flowing which for some people found better than others opinions. The story line seemed to have much more in depth background of the characters in the anime than in the movie but the story was more pack filled with action and tension. The voices weren’t really realistic in the anime they were more higher pitched than in the movie so they didn’t sound realistic making the anime a bit more of a washed out movie compared to the sound in the original assassins fist movie which was much more realistic and authentic when it came to the voices. Also the anime version had a cartoonish feel to it almost like the game but not as good and the regular assassins fist movie had a more realistic look and feel to it.

I think that when looking at the assassins fist it was a lot different compared to movies that you get from Hollywood nowadays the reason being is because it was more thought out and in depth for such a small bit of detail for a film. Where most movies focus on creating a hour length movie and finishing it, Street Fighter didn’t do that they done a hour or more and only told a small part of the story but in lots of detail. Also the moves and abilities in the film look a little bit unrealistic compared to how some movies create CGI and have special abilities one film to look at would be the avengers because they have a lot of detail in their CGI almost making it look realistic. The anime version of Street Fighter also wasn’t at the best standards of what it could have looked like, a lot if it looked drawn and it sort of gave of a cartoonish feel to it making it look not as good as some anime’s are nowadays. The sound was good in the movie but the only thing they could improve on would be the impact of punches and the sound of their special abilities to make it sound more believable and realistic, for the anime the sound wasn’t to bad but some bits were a lit bit static and not realistic but also not cartoonish it was almost robotic so they don’t really have much difference from other anime’s except that their is a difference in quality.

When comparing the street fighter movie to the game their is a lot of difference one of the main difference’s is the fact that the game is less realistic and almost looks more like the anime version. I think another detail of the game is that the sound isn’t as realistic and authentic as the actual movie itself because they had to voice act and get Foley, ambience and other sound effects to make it instead of just acting it out and having microphones so it is more authentic like the movie itself. The movement in the game is also very over exaggerated compared to the actually movie itself which makes it look more like a game in that aspect because its not real unlike a movie.

One of the characters that appealed to me in Street Fighter assassins fist was Akuma because the look of the character when he turned evil was really interesting and eye catching you could see they really thought about the colour pallet of the character, the colour red was used for the hair to make him look evil and give him a angry look. One thing I also really liked about his character was the fact that he had a very in depth story during the film and it showed a lot of his past which made me understand why he got so evil and angry. His voice was also very appealing because when he went evil his voice went more deeper and it seemed that he spoke slower almost giving him a sense of power or evil.

In the animated movie one of the characters that appealed to me the most was Bison because his character was very carefully thought out and he was almost apart of all the Street Fighter characters backstory so it made him look really important to the story. I also really liked the voice actor for the character and it really suited his attitude and personality and made him sound like a powerful character. I also like how his powers were shown quite vividly and let him look stronger than most of the other characters and the music that is played in his scene’s also helps him too look more evil because they up and slow the music in combat and make it like rock/metal music which gives of a impression of evil

Idle animation

For my animation I had to use my filmed idle movement in order to use it as a reference and get a more accurate result, I would then get my rigged character all setup and start to edit the animation to make it look like the filmed animation.

I started out by bringing my reference video into my viewport in 3ds max, I used a basic plane to start of with and then I put the video onto to the plane, I only choose to use the side animation the most, this was because I was comparing it to how it would look like in street fight, they are always facing to the side so you never hardly see the front of the character unless its a certain movement. I then added in my rigged Lego character, with my textures I then froze the mesh (character body parts) so then I could click on the rigged boxes to be able to move them around. I then put it into animation mode and started putting animation key frames into each movement, when starting of with the movement of the character I made sure to start with the pelvis rig first. I done this because when moving the pelvis it basically moves the character in one direction. I done a loop for the idle, I moved the character forwards a really small bit, then up and down again, after that I would then copy the animation keys and paste them, I would then change the first animation key to the last animation key looping the animation all over again. I then moved the legs to the match the movement of the pelvis and I managed to get a bounce like movement, I then positioned the arms and I only had to animate them a small bit because in the video I was barely moving my arms or hands. I finally then move my head into position and started animating it like the rest of the body to make it look more fluent.

One thing I thing I could have done better with my animation is to get better at looping the character animation so I wouldn’t have to use so many keys, I also noticed how my bounce could have been a little bit more precise. When looking at creating my Lego character I noticed the importance of over-exaggerating the movements, I think that this is important in any Lego character animation because, Lego is real and you cant make the characters do realistic movement because it won’t give you a fun, enjoyable and cartoony feel.


Taking damage


For the taking damage animation I need, my reference video, a rigged Lego character, and animation keys in order to create this animation, I will be writing about the process of how I created this taking damage animation. Animation is one of the key components for games, it’s what brings the characters to life and makes them move on your account and how you want them to move.

I started of by first of all placing my movement video in a plane for a reference to use just like I did with the idle animation, I would then bring in my rigged Lego character in order to use and animate accordingly. When creating this animation I found it very difficult because in my head I wanted the character to fly in the air when getting hit and then to land on it back. I found this difficult to animate because my movement video didn’t have me in the air because I didn’t want to injure myself, so I decided to just make the taking damage attack a push back motion instead as it was more simple. I started out by first of animating the pelvis like usual, this time I didn’t have to move the pelvis that much, I mostly focused on the arms, chest and the head when animating. This is because this animation focused a lot on the upper body which was the area getting hit (primarily the head). I had a lot of problems with the legs on this animation, mainly because I was animating with the wrong part of the rigged body so it made it worse and also because I found it harder to position the legs better this time.

I think when creating this animation I was glad I made it easier for myself otherwise it would have taken up a lot more time than it already did, I also think I should have found out more about how to animate more better with the rigged body.

Heavy attack

For the heavy attack animation I will bring in my video reference to help guide me when animating my character like usual, I will also make sure I have my rigged Lego character in the the viewport already and set up to use.

When starting of this aniamtion I started to get used to the process of creating the animation, in this animation the character will be picking up the dust slowly from the floor then throwing the dust into the enemies face temporarily blinding the enemy and slowing them down. After that my character will then deal some slow but deadly pucnhes towards the enemy inflicting a great deal of damage. When creating this animation I started of how I usually do by moving the pelvis and animating it first, this is in order to get the basic movement down first. I woud then rotate the pelvis and the chest towards the ground, when rotating I made sure to place a animation key down before handnso that my animation would start at that point. I done this because with rotation and scale I found it better to place a key down before hand. I then looped the animation so it would go back to the start posistion and then loop over again. I then moved the arms and legs in order to show the movement of the throw and the movement of the punches.

Overall when creating this animation I didn’t have as many issues as I did with the last animation in actual fact I completed this animation more faster, one thing I know I could have done a small bit better on this animation is the head movement, this is because the head doesn’t really flow aswell as it could with the animation.

 Critical art

This animation was pretty much set up the exact same way as all of the others, one thing I will change for my criticala art animation is my umbrella model, I will create a umbrella and attach it to the rigged box of the character so that when the body parts move so will the umberella.

This time I had to slow down the footage for my movement I recorded because when I acted out the movement I was too quick, this also later on brung problems to my animation because it was either too slow or too fast so I decided to spread out the animation keys at the right amount of distance apart in order to get it to cetain speeds. Finally I ended up with a speed that I was happy with so I decided to work with it, I then also had the problem with adding in the umberella model into the animation, in parts of the animation the umberella model started to go out of control and spin everywhere, I then ran a couple of test on different objects such as a tea pot to see if it would be any easier to attach if it was a different shape. It didn’t make much different but it did help, I then decided instead of importing my newly made umberella model I would remake it from the stick I already had placed in the animation. After that I would then do the animation, I had to redo the animation around 3 to 4 times in order to get the result that I wanted, one reason why I had to redo the animaiton so many times was because of the flow of the arm movement and the twist of the hand was really confusing at the start. I was over doing the twists in the arm movement to start of with and I think thats why it didn’t work the first time.

After I completed the animation I then had to focus on making the particle effects for the fire around the umberella, I went to particle effects and got a PPRAY to start of with and then afterwards I would load a preset called trail. After that I would then increase the size of the particles and turn the mesh into a facing object, this is basically where you can turn a whole 360 degree turn in the viewport and when u move one frame the particle will snap facing directly at you showing u the image. I then picked the object for it to transcend from as the umbrella this placed the particals around the umberella and would always follow it. I would then go into material editor mode where I would change the material on the particals, I would start of by selecting face mapping, this spreads the image eveningly thourghout the particles, I would then put a opacity map in. This is basically a map that helps to get rid of any unwanted background to make it look more real like smoke. To make it look like smoke I would first have to create a smoke image in Photoshop, I would then blur the image to make it more authentic and then add it to the opacity map. After I would then add a diffuse map to change the colour of the smoke, I would make the colour yellow/orange, red and then grey/blackish. This would then give the colour to the smoke, after that the animation was complete.

When creating this animation I came across a lot of problems compared to the other animations like when the animation was either to slow or too fast, aslo like when the new umberella model wouldn’t work when I imported it. One last issue I came across was when I was creating my particle effects because I had to

Scripting and sound for animation

For scripting I just wrote down some words which I felt suited my character, one of the lines I wanted my character to say was “Live life like dice” but I found that I couldn’t really fit this in to the end of the sound for my animation because of the timing it didn’t make sense because he was swinging while saying it and it wouldn’t have sounded realistic. I also wanted my character to say “umbrella firestorm” which is what I decided to call my move, I got the voice actor to shout it like he was about to hurt someone because it sounded more better than just saying it normally. Another line to the script that I wanted add was ” the cause of destruction is down to what card you decide to play next” unfortunately I couldn’t use this line as it was really long and wouldn’t fit within my animation.

When looking for sounds I found a few Foley sounds that I wanted to use within my animation, the sounds were; Slow motion sound, impact sound, fire and also a gas sound. these worked really well within my animation. I first brought them in to audacity to edit the sounds and make sure that they would fit within the game I also changed the pitch of one of my voice actors so that it would sound more better and suited my character more.


I would then take my edited sounds into premier pro, this was were I had to line my sounds up with the critical art animation. When doing this I found it difficult to get my sounds lined up with my animation, I eventually got this done and it turned out really good when it all came together.


This is a screenshot of the timeline that I used when getting my sound into my animation, the only voice I decided to use was umbrella firestorm, the reason I used this is because it fitted within the sequence of the animation and it also sounded fairly decent.

This is the final outcome of everything that is put together in order to finish the animation, overall I think everything went really smooth the only thing I think I could have improved on more was the sounds and I could have gathered more by recording them instead of gathering them from a internet source.





What is my project about?

My project is about creating a suitable Lego character for the game Street Fighter, I had to look into Street Fighter characters and get background insight on them to create a suitable character for Lego. I had to also get the characteristics and contexts in media and communication, as well as engaging with an audience in creative media production. When I created my character I then also had to start the process of animation, which is what you should do if you are getting ready to put it into a game, so I went through the basic development of creating a Lego Street Fighter character .

Five strengths and five weakness of my final design

One of my main strengths for my final design is that I added my character into the back story of the game, I looked into Birdie’s past and I looked into his family history, this gave me a bigger opportunity to create a character based around Birdie and his past. This initial gave me a lot of ideas about who this character could be. I eventually came up with Richie a 1970’s mobster who was rude, arrogant, sly, evil and all about money; it was a hard task to incorporate the character into Lego because of the target audience for kids but I eventually changed the audience for kids and I figured out how to do this by doing my Harley Quinn audience change which helped me to develop the skills and knowledge to change my audience type for Richie.

My second strength would be when it came the design of the overall look of the character, this is good that it became one of my strengths because it is important especially within a Lego game to get the correct look for each and every character. They way I came up with the characters design was by first of all starting of by looking at 1970’s mobsters, I got a few basic ideas that I really liked and some that I experimented with. I then also implemented other game characters into my characters look, one character I looked at was the joker I liked his green vest and implanted the colour green into my character.

My third strength is research, I done a lot of research into my characters and I used a lot of it to help me complete the tasks that I needed to do, without research my ideas I would have come up with would have made no sense  and this is also why it was very important to the final design of my character. I made sure to use primary as well as secondary information. The sort of primary information I used was gathered mostly from Lego games that I bought and played in order to get more of an insight of Lego, the game I played was the Lego Avengers game, I picked this game as they had multiple different characters which helped me to create and design characters.

My fourth strength was constantly being able to ask for feedback and reviews from peers, this helped me a lot because when I wasn’t quite sure on something I would ask them and I would then get feedback enabling me to improve on my final design. An example of this was when I was wasn’t quite sure on my characters animation so I asked someone and they gave me feedback which enabled me o improve my animation.

My fifth strength would be where I always reflected on my work and learnt how things could have been improved this helped me a lot during the process because it helped me to notice things that I couldn’t just randomly pick out. I had to analysed why something didn’t work and if I could of gone back I would have changed it and if not I would have learnt from it.

My first weakness would be where I wasn’t that great at animation, I didn’t learn to much about animation because I was focusing on a lot of other work and I also wasn’t in college when it was being taught due to me being unwell. So this then became one of my weaknesses because I wasn’t quite sure how to animate but then I used some of my strengths to counter balance my weakness such as my ability to be able to get feedback and ask my peers how I could improve. I eventually slowly got better but it would have been a more quicker process for me if I would have learnt it from the start.

My second weakness was consistency, when completing work I was doing more work for one learning sessions than the other one which made me need to catch up, on other parts of the project. I also tried to use my strength of evaluation to overcome by looking into what I could do better and one thing I came across was consistency and this made me realise I had to be more consistent.

My third weakness was when I was trying to find a suitable audience for my character within a Lego game. This was hard because my character was a mobster, who was rude, evil, sly, unreliable and only cared about money. The reason this was an issue was because kids wouldn’t really like a character like that and also their parents wouldn’t want to see their kids playing it. I tried to make as much change as I possible could in order to make the character more suitable for kids but I also had the issue where if I changed to much he wouldn’t be the character I intended him to be.

My fourth weakness was to do with planning out my animation accordingly to how I wanted it to be. When doing the taking damage animation I wanted my character to raise from the ground and then land on his back but when filming the movement I wasn’t able to do that because I would have injured myself as their wasn’t a practice mat. I did have to change them at the end to a little less of the version that I wanted but It turned out okay so I was happy with it.

My fifth weakness would have had to have been when I comparing my work against others, this not only made me less motivated to do work but also made my work seem worse to me. I did use one of my strength when this occurred which was my strength of evaluation, it made me evaluated my own work and either change my work or learn form my mistakes.

What was the theme for my design ideas? can I describe it? Can I also reference any influences? and how did I develop my ideas for my character and what influenced me? Why did I make these choices?

The theme for my character was to make him suitable for a young audience such as kids and to also make him suitable for teens and adults too. My character was supposable a 1970’s mobster which made him more connected towards adults and also teens, I also made a few changes to make him suitable for kids as well. One character that was a great influence was the penguin from Lego Batman, the reason he was a big influence was because it gave me hope that you can have audience for kids, teens and adults within a Lego game the reason being is because Lego is a kids game so it would have to be suitable but also the character was similar to mine, he was sly, evil, and cared mostly about him. When designing my character I came up with a lot of ideas mostly through used references, some ideas I came up with were characters from games such as the Joker from batman, the main character from watch dogs and of course a 190’s mobster. The Joker influenced me to incorporate the colour green into my characters colour scheme, so give him a powerful but sly effect. When looking at the watch dogs main character I gave my character a more of a modern day mobster look which revolutionised my character. I made these choices because I was experimenting with characters from actual games that not only have I plane but also seen advertised or watched clips of it.

What experiments and exploration did I do (what happened if). How did it affect my development

When coming up with the initial design of my character I decided to create two character ideas which I pitched to my class one was Isabella and the other was Richie. Isabella was more of an experiment character to figure out to see if I could implement another character into another character background from Street Fighter which is what I done with Isabella. I managed to implement her into Vega’s family as his sister. Which wasn’t a bad idea but unfortunately the experiment didn’t work out.

One experiment I recently talked about was with my characters overall look, I added in ideas of other characters just to see what would happened and I got some good results when I looked at other game characters, I also mixed my character designs together in order to get a better outcome which got me to end up with my final result which I really liked. Also when coming up with my characters face I decide to try around for attempts in order to see which one looked better, and surprisingly I got a decent result from the first four so I picked my favourite.

Another experiment I did was when I was animating I wasn’t to sure how to get my character to hold his umbrella correctly so I implemented other objects such a teapot to see how it would work and it turned out I needed to put my umbrella at a specific point in the hand in order to get it to move how I wanted it to. Also when animating on my critical attack I had to do it over at least three times in order to get the result that I wanted but this helped me to improve each time and every time I learned a core bit of information that would help me the next time around.

What was my key areas of development in this project?- use my daily reflections to help

When developing throughout my project I made sure that I would use my daily reflections in order to help me out. One key area I developed upon which was when I was I created a massive reflection on last years work, this helped me to develop because I tried to make sure I done what I said I would in my reflection in order to improve in my work and to learn more better and quicker instead of just keep making mistakes and then not doing anything about it. Doing this helped me to improve on key aspects that helped me a lot like research I done a tone more research and experimenting than I thought I would.

I also felt like I developed a fair amount when learning new skills such as animation, pixel art and storyboarding. This is because I was asking for a lot of feedback from my peers and it helped me a lot and whenever I would go to evaluate something I would go back and change what I done wrong or I leant from it.

I can see that I developed a lot more after I done my initial research I think this is because I had more of a solid idea of what I wanted to do within my research and also my research backed up my ideas and it made sense when I thought about it instead of just coming up with a idea.

What could I adapt about the work produced to improve and develop it?

When I was animating I would change the amount that I learnt about it, this because I was ill, but if I could learn more about animation I would have made a better Lego animation. If I would have learnt more in the time that I had I would have added in more moves for the characters. I would put even more effort in that I already have if possible in to do the best that I can so that my work will be much better when I finish the final design. I would also re check and go over all my work and improve each and every piece in order to get better and get a great final outcome

Is the final work appropriate for the needs of Lego? Does it with the ethos of their existing games and products? Consider the design aspects for this.

I think my final design does fit with the Lego because my character is a character that everyone would like, he is almost like the penguin and the penguin is in a game already so that shows that characters like mine would fit within Lego. I think if one thing I would change in order to make my character more appropriate for Lego would be changing my character personality to a non- rude, evil and money driven character. I would change these factors about my character because you wouldn’t want your child to play a game where someone is swearing or on thinking about money because it will be a bad influence. One thing I also done was give my character a umbrella instead of something like a gun because not only does it not fit within Lego it also don’t fit within Street Fighter.

Is the final work appropriate for the needs of Street Fighter? Does it fit with the ethos of their existing games and products?

I think that my character is appropriate for Street Fighter because he also has a backstory that fits in with one of the actual characters from Street Fighter. The reason I decided to develop him from one of the family members from Street Fighter is because I can then make my character more authentic to the world of Street Fighter and it will fit within the game more. I also think that it would fit within Street Fighter because I also developed him to have two audiences, one for kids and the other for adults so it would fit in the game because a lot of older people play it too.

Did it go better or worse than I expected?

I think overall the project went fairly well for a first time trying at creating a Lego character animation, I think one thing that helped me a lot when I wasn’t entirely sure about how to do animation was research, this helped me to develop my ideas better and it also helped me to figure information out that I need to know in order to improve. One thing that didn’t go as successful as I wanted it to be was animation, this is because I didn’t have much learning time when it came to this but I done research by asking for feedback and getting advice which enabled me to make a really good final animation. I would also say when creating my ideas I felt like this went really well compared to last year because I was more prepared and I done more research into the character to develop my idea.

What feedback did I receive from my peers?

One point of my project I really struggled on was animating my Lego character but I asked my peers for feedback and they gave me advice such as “slow down the animation” this helped me to realise that my animation was playing too fast and it didn’t look like Lego. I also got told to move the right parts of the characters rigged body. When doing  my pitch preparation which was initially my final draft of my idea before starting the project, after I finished the presentation I got the result from my peers and they gave me feedback on my characters that I picked. One bit of advice I got was with Richie I put his age really young when Birdie is around about a similar age so I needed to change this or other wise it wouldn’t make sense at all. I also had feedback from my peers on my concept art for my character and they helped me to design my final character, getting feedback helped me to develop my ideas a lot because it made me think what I usually wouldn’t think of.

What Do I think I could improve next time?

I believe that next time I could improve on doing even more research in order to enhance the skills that I have learnt, so I would watch tutorials on how to do specific things I wouldn’t usually know. I would also make sure I ask for a lot of feedback because this also helped me to develop my ideas further and it made me think of what I usually wouldn’t. I would also be more consistent with my work so that I don’t do loads of work for one aspect of the project and not the other. I also think that I could improve on planning skills, because this would help me a lot when it comes to creating something like this, it would help me with time constraints, what needs to be done and also gets me more organised which is essential when creating a small project within a certain deadline.


















Year 2 Unit 10

I am going to be talking about how I done character concept art, I got a animation sequence from Street fighter and then I started of with sketches of the characters using shape, size, action, line and proportions.

My first sketch that I done was a really rough version and I only done the skeleton (stick man) of the body which helped me to get him into the right movement

Audiences and stereotypes

Birdie’s character was made to look like a 1970’s Cockney British punk rocker. In the first ever street fighter birdie is healthy and not over weight he was also white skinned man and had a long blonde Mohawk. This was Capcoms visual representation of what they thought a 1970’s British punk rocker, I think they were fairly accurate with the clothing of birdie.


When they started to re-designed Birdie I almost felt as though they over exaggerated the character with their stereotypical points of view.

The first re-design of birdie you can almost see how it has drastically changed, they made him larger and dark-skinned with still the same sort of hair colour. In the newest re-design they made Birdie really fat and and also a very unsympathetic character. Almost like they were trying to say punk rockers only cared about consumption and themselves.

I think they re-deigned the character to look like this now because they were thinking of the personality

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Evidence document


fmp-term-3-evidence-document 2

Term 3 week 2 1.1 – Skills and abilities

My project is all about creating a 3D exploration environment, the main reason why I choose to create a 3D environment was because I was going to do concept art but then when I talked about my idea I realised that it sounds more like I was planning to make a 3D environment. That’s when I decided to create a 3D environment, I based my environment around story telling because of one of my biggest inspirations was from the game called Gone Home and  this gave me the idea of creating a story explorative environment.

The job roles that m project idea lead to are; 3d modelling, concept art, texture artist, lighting artist because these are all the skills that I used when creating my 3D environment.

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Term 3 week 5 -2.1 2.2 Design document

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