The first form of media I am going to talk about is film because I think it really immerged you into whatever film you ever watched and this interested me because I wanted to know what makes up the most of a film is it the video or the sound and a lot of the time the music/sound. The process of film starts of by performing what the music or sound you wanted it to be and then you record the performance of it with camera’s and microphones and then after you record it you will then edit it by adding in certain things like animation, design fx and a few more things to make the film more entertaining. You would then put the music/sound into the film and then afterwards you would test it by watching it and listening to it.

Some of the technical skills used are design fx, this is were you create a unusual sound with many other sounds put together for example if you was listening to a force field go up you could add sounds like heavy wind and maybe whistling. One other technical skill used is hard fx, which is basically where you make sounds from objects like for example you would use two coconuts and clap them together in order to make the noise of a horse galloping. Also a lot of the time timing is a essential technical skill because of when editing the music/sound in the film you need to find the right moment to place it in a film instead of placing it in a completely wrong place. Foley is also used to portray movement which is important when an actor is acting out a certain scene.

Some of the technology used in film