Unit 1 1.1  1. Explain what skills creating your gallery helps you to demonstrate.

Some of the skills that creating my gallery helped me things are skills such as Safety in the work place, 3D modeling, coding, working with audio, Planning skills, Video editing, drawing, research, design, organizational skills.

Unit 3 1.1/ Unit 4 2.1, 2.2

2.Identify the range of industry sectors (e.g. triple-A, indie, console, mobile, VR) to which these skills are applicable (provide examples) and explain why these skills are relevant to these sectors.

These skills are all applicable in the triple-A industry because they use skills such as 3D modeling, drawing, audio and more in order to create a game . Indie developers use the exact same skills in order to create games. When looking at platforms such as consoles, mobile phone and VR’s there are different skills required in these sectors because mobile phones work on different optimization from the software. The will need to change the resolution and poly count to its lowest so that it will work on mobile phones. For consoles they make the optimization higher. VR headsets use the same optimization for consoles so that they can interact and have a good view.

Unit 3 2.1, 2.2

3. For what different job roles do these skills prepare you? What are the pros and cons of these job roles?

The pros od having these skills for different job roles are;

  1. You can go into more jobs than just gaming jobs. Jobs such as; art teacher, 3D architecture, Tv broadcasting and even the radio.
  2. Another one of the pros and cons of having these jobs are that you can change at anytime and not just be stuck in one job.
  3.  Also You can choose what job you want to do.

The cons of having these Jobs are;

  1. They may require you have more experience or grades.
  2. You may not get a good pay unlike compare to the other jobs.

Unit 3 3.1

4. How did you ensure that you completed your work and met your deadline?

To ensure that I met my deadlines and that my work was completed I created a check list

Unit 1 1.2

5. How did you take to ensure safe working practices when creating your gallery?

I created a log on health and safety issues in the classroom. Some health and safety issues are that you cant eat food in the classroom, you cant leaves bags out etc.

Unit 1 2.2 Unit 4 1.1, 2.2

  1. How did you use audio and visual language (objects, textures, lighting, colour and sound) to create a particular meaning in your virtual gallery? How does this compare with examples from the industry?

I used a lot of audio and visual language to create meaning by changing the textures of objects and walls in Unreal. I also changed the lighting to create a calm settling atmosphere.

7. How did each of these elements help to achieve this mood

They done this by creating a atmosphere . For example if the lights were all bright so that you would know that everything is okay. Also you could make the wall white in order to create the effect of a gallery.

Unit 4 1.2, 1.3

8. How could you alter these elements to change the meaning of the virtual experience for users (e.g. give your gallery a horror, sci-fi or fantasy theme)?

I could change these element to create a horror theme by make the lights dim and flicker. Also I could add blood splatters to the walls.

Unit 2 1.

9. What research tools, methods and skills did you use in preparing your virtual gallery?

My research tools that I used was the internet  and some of the methods I used were laying out a plan of what I had to do. And the skills I used were planning and organizing.

Unit 2 2.1, 3.1

10. How did you use this research in your production and how useful were your sources in helping you to complete your project? I used them to help me by creating the structure of my virtual enviroment